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Thurl appeared on many film sound tracks, but he also sang on many studio musical recordings. These were neither stage productions nor motion pictures, but productions done for the sole purpose of being released on record.

One on these studio musicals is Seven Dreams, starring Bill Lee as The Dreamer. This 1953 Decca recording consists of seven different dreams. Thurl appears on the "Second Dream" as The Salesman (1:15).

There have been many productions of Sigmund Romberg's The Desert Song. A 1953 studio version stars Gordon MacRae and Lucille Norman, and features Thurl as the Riff Chieftain singing "Let Love Come" (1:20) at the beginning of Act II.

Thurl appeared on David Rose's San Francisco, My Enchanted City as The Old Timer on the "Around the Town" (0:28) segment. Bill Lee also appears on this 1958 recording; he and Thurl are part of the male chorus.

In the 1971 recording of The Niņa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, Thurl portrays Seņor Santa Maria. This telling of the story of Christopher Columbus, from the perspective of his ships, is narrated by Eddie Albert. Also featured are Joanne Gilbert as Niņa, and Lee Millar as her brother, Pinta.

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