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Despite his amazing voice, Thurl never did many solo records. The majority of his work was either backing up another singer, or as part of a group. He did, however, receive solo credit on some recordings.

Thurl released a few solo singles. He sang "Mad, Baby, Mad" (2:41) which came out on Fabor Records in 1955, with "Never Doubt My Love" (2:36) on the B-side. His backup group on these songs were listed as The Sky Boys. Aardell Records released "Dr. Geek" (2:35) backed with "I'll Pay As I Go" in 1956 which were credited to The Jeff Alexander Quartet but prominently features Thurl.

Big Paul Bunyan picture sleeveAnother single released under Thurl's name was "Oh, You Sweet One" (2:12) and "I Ain't Afraid" (2:12), which came out on the Bally label. Although Thurl is the only one credited on the label, he is backed up by a mixed chorus which contains members of the Mellomen.

The single "Big Paul Bunyan" was released for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle. Thurl is the only vocalist credited on the record, but if you listen closely, the group backing up Thurl is the Mellomen. Here are both sides of the record: "Big Paul Bunyan" (side 1) (2:21) and "Big Paul Bunyan" (side 2) (2:39).

Thurl recorded a couple of Christmas carols, one of which, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (2:02), appeared on the Tops album 12 Christmas Favorites. He also did a rendition of "Joy to the World" (2:03).

Great Hymns in Story and Song album coverAlbums
Probably the best-known album that Thurl recorded is Great Hymns in Story and Song. It was released on Light Records in 1970 and includes some of the world's most popular gospel songs. Before singing each song, Thurl explains a little about its origin. Listen as Thurl explains, then sings "The Old Rugged Cross" (4:27), the opening track on the album.

Thurl also did an album called God's Plan for You, which is a selection of passages from the Bible. It came out on the Customcraft label.

In 2002, Thurl and his son, Ron, recorded a CD called Psalms and Selahs. Each selection on the album consists of two parts, a reading from the Book of Psalms by Thurl (Psalms), followed by a hymn selection arranged for classical guitar played by Ron (Selahs).

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