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Here are some other bass singers and actors often mistakenly credited as Thurl.

Jesse Delos Jewkes
Jesse Jewkes or Delos, as he was sometimes known, was probably the man whose work was most often mistakenly credited to Thurl. From the late 1930s through the 1970s, almost every major bass singing role in Hollywood went to either Thurl or Delos. The two often worked together as part of a studio chorus. In the Danny Kaye film The Five Pennies, they appeared on-screen together. See Thurl in Films for more about The Five Pennies. Delos can be heard in The Wizard of Oz and appeared in all of the Janette MacDonald-Nelson Eddy musicals.

Delos also appeared in The Music Man and though some sources list Thurl as well, he was not in the film. It is likely that someone heard a deep voice and assumed it must be Thurl. Unfortunately, these kind of errors are easy to find on the Internet and, although not intentional, spread incorrect information even on unusually reliable web sites.

Ted Cassidy
Ted Cassidy is most famous for portraying Lurch on the 1960s television show The Addams Family.

Len Dresslar
Len Dresslar provided the voice for the Jolly Green Giant for many years. In addition he sang on many commercial jingles and as part of the jazz vocal group Singers Unlimited.

Larry Hooper
Larry Hooper was best-known as the bass singer on The Lawrence Welk Show. When the Mellomen appeared on the show in December 1956, Larry joined then to sing "Jingle Polka" (1:24). Listen closely as Thurl and Larry alternate singing the first verse of the song. 

George Sanders
Thurl is often mistakenly credited as providing the singing voice for Shere Khan in the Disney animated film The Jungle Book. While Thurl did work on the sound track, most notably on the song "Colonel Hathi's March", he did not sing the final line of the song "That's What Friends Are For" as many claim. George Sanders was actually a talented singer and recorded and album called The George Sanders Touch: Songs for the Lovely Lady. It is his voice at the end of the song sung by the vulture quartet.

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