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Legal Disclaimer
The sounds and images on All Things Thurl are used with the permission of the late Thurl Ravenscroft and his family to illustrate the diversity of his career. Photographs and sound recordings come from the personal collection of Brian E. Jacob and may not be copied or used outside the framework of the All Things Thurl web site. All text is written by Brian E. Jacob except where specifically noted and may not be reproduced without permission.

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All Things Thurl debuted in August 1996, but it took several years for the mainstream media to find it. The first journalist to discover the site was Dave Nuttycombe, who on December 11, 1997 wrote a column in the Washington Post about surfing the Internet. Here is an excerpt from that article:

Like me, you've been wondering, "Whatever happened to Thurl Ravenscroft?"

No you haven't, but thank goodness Brian Jacob has been paying attention. Jacob's All Things Thurl site provides a jolly slap on the forehead to pop culture sleepwalkers by revealing the face behind the deep profundo voice of "They're Grrrrr-eat!"

But look here -- Thurl is not only Tony the Tiger he's also helped us through the past 30 Christmases by singing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." In fact, Jacob's alarmingly deep site covers Thurl's 60-years-and-counting career from the singing Mellomen to recent Disney 'toons. It's grrrr-eat!"

More recently, Dori Monson, a talk show host on Seattle's KIRO radio (710 AM), interviewed Thurl by telephone. During their conversation, which aired February 11, 2002, Dori and Thurl talked about All Things Thurl (0:37).

On November 4, 2003, the Omaha World-Herald featured an article about Thurl including an interview with me about All Things Thurl.

After Thurl passed away,  NPR mentioned this website while paying tribute to his life. All Things Considered aired the story "Thurl 'Tony the Tiger' Ravenscroft Dies at 91" on May 25, 2005, which included information and sound clips found on All Things Thurl.

Wikipedia links to All Things Thurl referring to the site as an "authorized fan site, to which Ravenscroft contributed."

Thank You
A word of thanks to all the folks who have e-mailed me over the years with questions and comments. The following people deserve an special mention for their assistance and contributions: Steve Cooper, Gene Davenport, Larry Parmenter, Bob Purse, Joe Shirley, and Tom Wagner. An extra special thanks goes out to the late Walt Larson, who arranged our first face to face meeting with Thurl.

I would also like to add thanks to two other people. First my wife, Mae, who has helped with this site in so many ways, listening to countless recordings, searching all kinds of books and computer databases, encouraging me to keep looking for more, and tolerating my near obsession of trying to find just one more sound or picture for this web site. Most of all, I want to thank Thurl for providing joy to so many of us through his amazing career. Without the rich body of work Thurl left us, there would be no All Things Thurl

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