Most of Thurl's work
involved singing. His solo work,
backup singing, and work
within a group are all accessible
from the Music page.

For information about
Thurl's life and career,
visit the Biography page.

Additional details
about this site, and its history,
and awards received
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About All Things Thurl.
Thurl worked with
Walt Disney frequently
throughout his career.
Everything from theme parks
to Disney film and television
can be reached from
the Disney page

All Things Thurl

Although Thurl lent his
talents to many projects,
he is often mistakenly
given credit to things
he did not do.
See Things Not Thurl
for some examples.

Thurl Ravenscroft

The only web site devoted
to the life and work of
Thurl Ravenscroft (1914-2005).

The Media page contains
details about Thurl's work
in Radio, Film, and Television.
Details on Tony the Tiger and
other commercials are also here.
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